I had the privilege of working with Lester while he held the position of Interim Executive Director at Lotus Music & Dance. I watched him single-handedly institute structures and systems for every aspect of Lotus, from staff policies to fiscal operations to Lotus’ mission statement. Lester’s character is the rare stock which embodies this professionalism, along with an approachable and good-natured energy, a rare combination in any profession.

Sarah Van Buren
Director of Customer Service, Lotus Music & Dance

Lester’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious! Everyone here at Lotus can now sense that achieving our goals is possible in a very tangible way, and we are more aware of the steps needed to get there.

Nadia Moussa
Master Artist / Board Member, Lotus Music & Dance

You have been such a motivator to those of us in PFLAG/NYC! I miss you and your ever present smile which cheers everyone up to be motivated to do the most impossible task.

Anna-Maria Thomas, Ed.D
Teacher/Guidance Counselor, PFLAG/NYC Board Member

Lester Bates provided our organization with strategic organizational support as a development consultant and interim Executive Director. Lester brought tremendous enthusiasm and a positive spirit to working with our organization. He has excellent organizational skills and is able to diagnose problems and provide solutions. He gave us several invaluable suggestions on how to improve our organizational functioning. He is results oriented person who wants to get things done.

Michael Lent
Co-Chair, Lotus Music & Dance

Lester came into Lotus Music & Dance as the Interim Executive Director at a time when the organization was going through a major transition and was in serious need of a strong manager with a clear vision who could help reorganize the organization. Within a matter of months Lester delivered Lotus a complete book of personnel policies, an organizational structural overhaul, a plan for an annual gala and a workable annual budget. He delivered everything that was requested of him in record speed and with the greatest of professionalism. As the general manager, I worked side-by-side with Lester and found that we made an excellent team. He was a pleasure to work and a wonderful motivator and teacher. He always came in with a positive attitude, a great sense of humor, a grand vision and a wealth of knowledge to back up the vision. The tools that Lester left with Lotus gave us a new direction for this organization. His work made a lasting impression that will continue to strengthen this organization.

Jodi White
General Manager, Lotus Music & Dance

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