Proven processes to achieve your goals


An innovative approach to management, governance, and organizational success

I designed this new Innovative Management Approach in early 2000 and have successfully tested and practiced through the past few years within very different organizations. Through critique from my mentors and colleagues, it has evolved into a strategic and progressive method of management and leadership that is sure to lead any agency toward success.

Incorporated throughout this process, is an evaluation procedure which defines the direction of these elements and my personal contributions toward your efforts. I look forward to contributing the SPECTRUM method to your organization’s success!

Designing the strategy of the organization; either through a recommitment to, and/or enhancement of a present strategy, or through the creation of a new short and long-range strategy and vision.

Involving all levels of management and governance in the implementation of the organization strategy and re-alignment. Initiating Community Development techniques in the planning of your organization’s strategic plan.

Internal and External Communication techniques are employed to educate, enlighten and engage in the delivery of the organization’s mission, vision and strategy.

Sharing and delivering the branding message, strategic plan and mission to Foundation, Corporation, Community and Government Leaders in a progressive manner; highlighting action plans with each.

Delivery of the performance tools required for staff and volunteers to engage the strategic plan and deliver the mission with excellence and purpose.

Accountability for successful delivery of strategic planning elements are clear at all levels of the organization. Responsiveness and implementation is evaluated based upon these elements.

All levels of management, governance, staff and volunteers fully understand the mission, strategic plan and their roles in delivering the organization’s mission and message.

Recognition is provided as an ongoing and purposeful process of encouragement, inspiration and stimulation at all levels of management, governance and leadership.

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