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Years of experience in the nonprofit sector have given LJB3 Consulting the know-how to help shape your organization.

Grant Writing
LJB3 Consulting can make your grant writing proposals reflect the energy and passion that can help  get your program or capital initiative funded.

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Fund Development
The available amount of donations from foundation, corporate, government and individual donors is shrinking. To counteract that and get the most out of your campaigns,  LJB3 Consulting can design an appropriate annual plan for your organization’s fund development goals.

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Strategic Planning
Does your Mission end at the close of business each day? Is your vision for the future — and the impact your organization is going to make — clear to those who need to know? Are your objectives for success clear and manageable to those within your organization? Do they believe in them?  LJB3 Consulting can design the best possible strategic plan for your organization.
Whether it’s donor newsletters, internal communications, formal appeal letters or organizational branding,  LJB3 Consulting can design a plan that completely and uniquely identifies your organization, its values and its vision for the future.
Community Development
Using techniques that have been developed, implemented and perfected through decades of nonprofit practice,  LJB3 Consulting can help your organization increase its visibility while enabling partnerships with the right community leaders.
Executive Management
If your organization is just starting to evolve from an all-volunteer organization into a staff-led one, LJB3 Consulting can design the appropriate structures, systems and strategies for the future — providing the image your nonprofit presents to foundation, corporate and community partners.
Human Resource Management
Is your staff ready for an employee manual and with policies and procedures that will guide your organization? LJB3 Consulting can design an annual process of employee appraisal and merit increase as well as the foundations for a mutually beneficial relationship between your organization and its employees.
Staff & Volunteer Training and Development
From front-line customer service training to board policy and decision-making training, LJB3 Consulting can design an annual plan of training and development for all levels of your organization – including your senior management team.
Membership Development
Do you have enough members? NEVER! Whether you are looking for an increase in your organization’s fee-based memberships or sustaining memberships, I can design a campaign to educate, enlighten and engage your members into a deeper relationship with your organization.
Program Development

Is your program portfolio stale and boring to Funders, Members and Community Partners? Revive the delivery of your mission through the design, implementation and evaluation of new and innovative programming which delivers your mission while attracting the appropriate attention – including your Board of Directors and Staff!

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